Personalized Lighter - Design My BIC FAQ

1. Can I cancel or make changes to an order I recently placed?
Once you submit your order it is final. No changes can be made after you have reviewed and submitted it. Once your order is confirmed and upon acceptance of your artwork, production of your personalized lighters begins. Submission of your order on our site confirms and acknowledges that you have reviewed and verified the accuracy of your entire order prior to submitting.

2. When will I receive my personalized lighters?
Personalized lighters require a minimum of two (2) weeks for processing before they are shipped. You will receive an email confirmation after your order is submitted, and then another confirmation with tracking information when your item ships. Please refer to the tracking information to determine your estimated delivery date.

3. Can I expedite shipping on my order?
BIC does not currently offer expedited shipping. Your personalized lighters and any other product(s) in your order will ship after the required minimum two (2) week production period.

4. Will my personalized lighters arrive with the other product(s)/item(s) I ordered or will they ship separately?
Your personalized lighters will be shipped with the other product(s)/item(s) you ordered, depending on the quantity of lighters in your order.

5. Can I order personalized lighters if I live in Canada?
Personalized Lighters are now only available to ship to consumers within the Continental U.S.

6. Will BIC own my designs?
No, BIC does not own the Artwork you submit for personalization. You are granting BIC a limited, non-exclusive license to use your submitted Artwork for the manufacturing of your personalized lighter.

7. Are there any prohibited designs?
Yes. For details on Artwork Guidelines, please see Terms and Conditions\Product Personalization\Artwork Guidelines.

8. What happens if my artwork is not accepted?
If your personalized lighter order did not comply with BIC’s Artwork Guidelines for personalized lighters, you will receive a confirmation email, your entire order will be canceled and your credit card will not be charged. You will need to redesign your personalized lighter to meet our Guidelines and submit a new order. If your order included other BIC products, you will need to submit a new order.

9. Can I use an image I didn’t create or images of celebrities, logos or images of other people?
Due to copyright and/or trademark laws, you should not use an image you did not create or images of celebrities, logos or images of other people. Also, before you submit your Artwork you will be required to confirm that the Artwork you submit for personalization is your own and you assume all liability in association with your design.

10. Can I use images from a stock photo house or from the Internet/social media?
Please use your own original Artwork. Just because something is available on the Internet or from a third party does not mean that you have the right to use it. Please be sure to obtain all necessary approvals, permissions and licenses before submitting your Artwork.

11. I am having technical issues (e.g. image won’t upload)?
Please contact our Consumer Affairs department at

12. Is there a minimum or maximum quantity?
There is a minimum quantity of 6 (six) personalized lighters per order, per design. There is no maximum quantity limit.

13. Can I re-order additional lighters with my artwork?
If you want to reorder additional lighters with the same Artwork, you will need to place a new order and upload the Artwork again.

14. My personalized lighters arrived damaged (shipping/package damaged, lighter quality/performance issue). Do I need to return them to receive a replacement?
Please contact our Consumer Affairs department at

15. Can I order my personalized lighters via a subscription?
No, personalized lighters are not available via a subscription.

16. Why does my name have to appear on the personalized lighters I created?
Your name is proudly displayed on the lighter, as you are the owner of the Artwork and the Artwork remains yours.