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BIC Special Edition Tattoos Series Lighters




Express yourself with the BIC Special Edition Traditional Tattoos Series Lighters that feature popular body art styles and trends

  • 8-Pack of BIC Special Edition Tattoos Series Lighters
  • Child-resistant, safe and reliable, 100% quality inspected
  • Up to 2 times the lights vs. the next full size leading brand
  • Every BIC® lighter undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process
  • Designs may vary


This item ships within the United States only

All Lighters Are Not Created Equal

Serious About Safety

Each BIC Pocket Lighter has passed more than 50 strict individual quality and safety inspections. 100% of BIC Lighters meet or exceed the lighter safety standards established by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and other government agencies.

Keep away from children. No lighter is child-proof. There is no substitute for proper adult supervision.

Committed to Quality

Since 1973, BIC has been committed to making quality lighters. BIC Classic Full-Size Pocket Lighters are made with pure isobutane fuel, with up to 3,000 lights per lighter. Furthermore, each lighter is child-resistant, provides a steady flame, and is safe even when used at a 45 degree angle. Whether you’re lighting a candle or staying prepared during an emergency, BIC Pocket Lighters will never leave you caught without a light.

A Design for Every Style

From pickles to favorite football teams, BIC Lighters have a design series for every style. The Special Edition Tattoo Series Lighters feature 8 colorful and artistic designs, so you can show off popular body art styles and trends without a visit to the tattoo parlor!