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Us 5-Blade Shaving Razor Starter Kit for Men and Women




Meet Us. A brand new premium unisex razor for both men and women. Our razor gives you an ultra-close smooth and comfortable shave with high-quality blades made to glide over the contours of chins, knees, ankles and everything in between.

  • SO LUX, LESS BUCKS: US shaving kit from BIC is a premium unisex razor for both men and women, designed to shave your face and body. This starter kit includes 1 razor handle and 2 cartridges. Refills are available in 4-packs.
  • GIVE YOU FIVE: 5 easy-to-rinse flexible blades provide an ultra-close shave on both fine and coarse hair.
  • SLIP INTO SOMETHING COMFORTABLE: Our lubrication strip is infused with aloe and vitamin E, giving you a smooth glide and less irritation.
  • GET A GRIP ON OUR HANDLE: A high-quality, non-slip metal handle with textured grip offers control at any angle. Pivoting head adapts to the contours of your body.
  • LIVE ON THE EDGE: Each razor has an edging blade that is ideal for precision shaving hard-to-reach areas (sideburns, under nose, bikini line).
  • FIND YOUR TRUE COLOR: Pick the razor that suits your mood...or bathroom décor. Pick from 4 colors including teal, white, navy and silver.
  • UNISEX RAZORS ARE SO US: Say goodbye to separate razors for men and women that do exactly the same thing...remove hair. All at a great price.


This item ships within the United States only